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"Auction Doctors gets more than i could get selling the items myself, does all the work, with the utmost professionalism and top notch customer service for the
buyer.  How can you beat it?".

Neil Spies - Musician/Author  Kansas City, MO
"I have used Auction Doctors, Inc. to sell a number of different items over the years. I would definitely use them again and would recommend them to friends, family
or clients".

Deborah R. Bronner, Esq. - West Los Angeles. CA
"Todd and Auction Doctors were an invaluable asset to me in selling off a wardrobe of vintage clothing.  My expectations and pocketbook superceded the goal that I
had in mind and I would certainly avail myself of Todd's service again in the future".

Sara Beth Altshul - Santa Monica, CA
"Todd's assistance was invaluable. Having little time to attend to the process of selling my classic car, I relied on Todd to expertly handle the sale. He went well
beyond the call of duty in ensuring completion of the transaction and I wouldn't consider selling again without his assistance".

Gregory Bordo, Esq. - Encino, CA
"I attempted to sell a number of items myself only to receive anemic bids. I was referred to Todd of Auction Doctors who listed my items.  Within 10 days, all of my
items sold for significantly more then I ever expected and above my reserve previously not met".

Gregory Segal, Esq. - Beverly Hills, CA
"About 10 years ago, I searched for someone who could help sell my products on EBay.  I needed someone who knew how to set up a professional and attractive
EBay auction.  I needed someone who worked hard and was always available for buyer’s questions.  I needed someone who took care of the details at the end of
the auction such as payment and shipping.  I needed somebody who was 100% reliable, honest, and trustworthy.  I needed someone with a proven track record.
My needs were met in the form of Todd Olster, owner of Auction Doctors.  I have had nothing but excellent results and a great experience working with Todd.  I've
referred numerous friends and relatives to Todd with the same results.  Todd and Auction Doctors have over 10,000 successful auctions with a simply unbelievable
100% positive rating.  That says it all".

Philip S. Shore, M.D., Ph.D - Northridge, CA
"Auction Doctors sold for me what was sitting around aging and losing value. My plan was to some day sell it myself, yet months and years would pass. Action
Doctors not only made it happen fast, because of their knowledge and reputation they also got top dollar for me".

Jon Barber- Barber Photography - Laguna Beach, CA
"I have dealt with Todd @ Auction Doctors for many years.  I found him easy to deal with and able to get top dollar on the merchandise that I listed with him.  Highly
recommended ."

Howard Bardach, C.E.T.  The Audio Specialist - Studio City, CA
"It was fast and easy. Even though the buyer of my Yukon XL was out of state, Todd handled all the communication and details up until it was time for delivery.  So
much easier than handling all the details myself!."

Linda Hanson, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA