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"I have been using Auction Doctors for a very long time on a number of items I sold.  I was extremely pleased with the pricing, efficiency, courtesy, and processing of
my items and receipt of payment for them.  I look forward  to continuing all of my net sales with Todd and the company".

Rick Schuller (Schuller & Schuller, A Law Partnership) - Studio City, CA
"I was looking to sell off a variety of my unused stuff a while back and called Todd at Auction Doctors. He did a great job of listing my stuff on eBay and getting it sold
at reasonable prices. The service was professional and skilled".

David J. Diaz - Valley Village, CA
"As some of you may know, I recently had an Autoprop that I needed to sell. Although I paid a about a Rolex for the propeller new, I was given some abysmal quotes
to buy from some of my local resources. Identifying a potential buyer for this special equipment is like finding the needle in the haystack. Disollusioned and deflated,
I was resigned to bite the big one on this prop and take a loss. Well, as luck would have it, I was referred by a contact of mine at Brooks Brothers to a company called
Auction Doctors, Inc ( Auction Doctors, Inc. is a company that sells items for other people on eBay, completing all aspects of the
transaction. I decided to try my prop with them, and I'm glad I did, because this company got me almost twice as much for my prop as I thought I expected. Todd at
Auction Doctors was a tremendous resource and handles the transaction thorughly, professionally, and honesty. His judgement on value and price is evident for the
seller and buyer. In all, I can't imagine a smoother more satisfying transaction. I recommend this service as a valuable way to dispose or acquire unique goods".

Dr. William Solberg. - Los Angeles, CA
"Doing business with Auction Doctors was a great experience. Auction Doctors was very professional. It was my first time selling on ebay and Auction Doctors was
helpful with selling part of my collection of autographed photos. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND AUCTION DOCTORS".

Rebecca Andreski. - Flint, MI.
"I was not able to sell my BMW sedan on and Craigslist, but Todd did a great job of helping me sell it quickly on the Ebay Motors website".  

Reid Takahashi - Glendale, CA
"Great experience working with Todd at Auction Doctors. Todd implemented several smooth transactions of some fine exotic motor vehicles. Many clients came from
various parts of the USA. All paperwork and communication with buyer was extremely professional".

Geoff Abadee - Calabasas, CA