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Tel: 310.383.3030
Auction Doctors is a Studio City-based company specializing in performing online auctions
for a wide array of clients.

Since 2003, the company assists those in need of an online auction solution.

Whether you are a production company that would like to drive awareness for your film, a
charity that wants to reach the widest audience possible, a car dealership that wants to sell
inventory, or a small business in need of another avenue for revenue, Auction Doctors can
help. We can even design and manage your own eBay store for you.

Auction Doctors works closely with clients on pricing and auction strategy (…yes, these
doctors still make house calls) and draws a commission on each item sold.  Professional
photography, custom lay-outs, and unparalleled eBay experience enable Auction Doctors
to get top dollar for items.  

Auction Doctors has been featured on
KCAL Channel 9 TV News, The New York Times,
and in the
LA Weekly.

Auction Doctors was founded and is operated by Todd Olster who has put
together a great support team to ensure the best presentation of your items to get the most
money possible.

Todd Olster has an extensive background in marketing and sales, previously working for
Sony Music Entertainment, Westwood One Network Radio, and the Walt Disney Internet
How We Do It
We Post
Auction Doctors pride themselves on
delivering the best auctions possible
for their clients.
We Ship
Professional shipping and packaging
have been part of the key to our
We Collect!
We pay our clients within seven (7) days
of shipment of your item(s).
We Photograph
Experienced in all aspects of digital
photography, we use the best lighting
and lenses to get the best possible
images of your items.